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We make it easy to drive business growth.

RIGOR professionals are seasoned market research and customer insights experts. We are passionate about the work we do and are committed to excellence in helping our clients succeed and grow their business. 

Trusted and respected by top business leaders, we bring deep research knowledge and broad industry experience to capture and transform complex data into high-impact actionable insights.

Call or email today and learn how we can support your growth, limit your customer turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit. 612.644.2546 or yoo@rigor.company.

Our Approach

Analysts. Experts. Advisors.

We support you with a wide range of skill sets in flexible work styles from comprehensive consultation to coaching to meet diverse client needs.  We offer a suite of high-integrity analyses and research models that will help you get the insights you need quickly to make informed and insightful decisions and move to action. 

Our ramp-up process is collaborative and empowers experts in marketing, product development, business development, and strategy with information to make decisions. 


Research. Insights. Growth. Opportunities. Results.

It's that simple. We design and deliver the highest-quality research and insights that enable growth, opportunities and results to expand your market share and build your business. 

We are highly-trusted advisors with solid business acumen and strategic mindsets. We are partners to business leaders to deliver the most relevant data, insights, rigor, and guidance you deserve.  Whether you are seeking to build a strategic alliance with the right partner or need a special skillset or tool, you can rely on RIGOR to deliver the best each and every time. Together we will create and refine your plan for success. Call now to learn more: 612.644.2546.


RIGOR Offerings

Market Analysis

Rigorous data gathering & analysis for:

Market sizing and mapping 

Competitive analysis

Market trends

New Product Development

Diverse Voice of the Customer (VOC) methodology and statistical research for new product ideation & development including:

In-depth interviews

Focus groups

Concept test 

Kano, Conjoint, Discreet choice, MaxDiff analysis

Customer Understanding

In-depth explorations for deeper customer understanding including:

Customer journey mapping

Customer activity cycle

Buying process

Perceptual mapping


Simplification of big data for actionable insights using:

Predictive modeling

Text analytics



Strategic Planning

A full scope of support for strategic planning from data gathering and analysis to completing your roadmap for future

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Program

Comprehensive customer satisfaction study program including:

Net Promoter Score (NPS) design

Satisfaction survey design & data collection

Reporting & statistical analysis

Key driver analysis of customer loyalty

Action planning

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